Review – “The Walking Dead” episode ‘Clear’ – aired March 3, 2013.

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                         If you haven’t seen this episode yet, this is a major SPOILER ALERT!!! 

-Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead on AMC was a good one. Though it wasn’t littered with action, it brought back the long-wondered about character Morgan. Morgan, last seen in the preliminary episodes of season 1, had decided to stay behind after saving a disoriented Rick from being zombie food. Since Rick’s departure, we had not seen neither hide nor hair of Morgan…until last night! Unfortunately, as Rick soon discovered, Morgan’s self-imposed isolation had taken a mental toll on him. As it turns out, Morgan never had the heart to put down his zombie wife (which is one of the reasons he stayed behind). As fate would have it, his zombie wife eventually killed Morgan’s son, Duane. Morgan, now weighed down by more guilt than he can bear, decided it was his mission in life to ‘clear’: his conscience, his sins, his town (at least that’s what I gathered from his speech). Also, in this episode, Carl stepped up yet again and showed the makings of a future leader and decision maker by shooting Morgan (no, he didn’t die). However, Carl embarked on a slightly reckless mission (with the help of Michonne) to bring a picture of his family back to Judith, his baby sister. Michonne stepped forward in this episode by displaying teamwork and compassion, a gesture that wasn’t lost on Carl who told Rick at the end of the episode, I think she might be one of us. Overall, I thought the writing in this episode was excellent. It allowed us to see a different side of Michonne, it gave Rick an insight into what he could turn into if he continues to isolate himself, and I think it also began to set the tone for a new bond between Rick and Michonne that could very well be the friendship that keeps them both sane (Again, just my opinion). Also, I thought this episode was a nice departure from the main storyline, allowing us to focus on the inner struggles of some the show’s most prominent characters. Final Note: Great Episode, well written, brilliantly acted. Oh yeah….though I understand that, in a Zombie Apocalyptic world, you must be wary of any and all strangers…Still, I thought it was COLD that they completely ignored the hitchhiker with nary of a word discussion. It was a gesture that was heightened to a new level of cold-blooded when they stopped by his dead body later and took his backpack! Yeah…super cold…but I probably would have written it the same way. Feel free to express your thoughts! Until next time…


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